The Education

Our child sponsorship program now has 87 children in Uganda, with 36 children in Kitgum District, 48 children in Pader District and 3 children in Gulu District. Through the children sponsorship, children have been able to go to school at the different levels;-Primary, Secondary and Vocation School.

Furthermore all school requirements are being met with the Vocational school getting tool kits for studying  Carpentry and Joinery.

Physical Care

Children have monthly basic needs, which include food subsidy such as posho and beans, pads for girls, but also other needs as soap and Vaseline.

Through the physical care arm of KTM, children received treatment from every center in the district mostly due to stomachache, cough & flue, headache and with few complicated cases. In addition to the above, some children received household items like mattresses. One particular family in Kitgum district was constructed a two-bed room house.


Psychosocial support

We conduct a monthly centre day at the different centres in the three districts. Children are taught life skills; the word of God with emphasis on sexual purity, obedience, honest, hardworking but overall the children/youth are cautioned not to build their lives on sin because it would lead to  failure;

Mentors visit children at homes and schools.  At schools, they monitor their academic progress of the children and engage the class teachers to find out the possible ways if the children are facing particular challenges in their academic performance.

At homes, mentors visit the children to help them with the home challenges, the environment and to see if all the things given to children are safe and available for their use. They also do counselling one on one to the children.


There is constant counselling with children both during centre day, but also in some special occasions , the counsellor goes up thier homes which has a positive impact on their lives.