The world over and especially Africa live in widespread conflicts, as a result of an expressed struggle between at least two or more interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals. There are different views to conflict; some look at conflict as wrong and dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible, others look at it as a contest with opportunity to assert their own rights and display of might. Others view conflict as an opportunity to accommodate one another and pursue Unity in diversity.

  • The aim of the training is to discuss causes and effects of conflicts equipping the participants with contextual principles of handling conflicts, enhancing peace and reconciling people/communities at various levels in the society.

Christian Leadership

The unique role of Church leaders in influencing the transformation of society is untapped. This calls for developing of leaders who will lead change to bring transformation and ultimately break the cycle of poverty. This is done through exposure to different worldviews, Christian worldview, Nature of God, the Bible, Bible study, preaching, study of doctrines, The Pastor and his family. Church and community,

  •  Empowering leaders with knowledge and skills in transformational leadership to influence their communities.
  • Increasing income levels of leaders thus influence how they are perceived in community.
  • Foster continuity of good leadership practices in the local communities so that they can use it as a platform to advocate for change.
  • Engaging leaders in viable income generating activities for self-sustenance,


Many marriages are breaking with others very unstable.

KTM addresses deeper understanding of marriage, definition, purpose, challenges and intervention for stable marriages.

The theory of change is that, equipping couples with deeper knowledge and skills on marriage will help in; strengthening their relationships, improving communication in marriages, desiring to forgive one another, plan and work together as a family, view one another as a suitable helper.

Trauma Healing

This is trauma caused by decades of war and tribal, religious conflict, ethnic conflict and the devastating collateral damage ranging from genocide, to brutal sexual atrocities, denial of education, terrifying night raids, to child soldiers and to displacement of millions of people who flee with only what they are able to carry.

War trauma also has devastating physical effects on the brain, making trauma healing extraordinarily challenging.