Kica Transforms Ministry has senior people who have work experience of over 25 years with communities in Northern Uganda as mentors/coaches and as community development workers

Together with my wife Jessica, we have been instrumental in changing lives at different levels; family, Church and society.

Nelson Okello- CEO

My Passison is to develop and equip leaders with skills and tools in the areas of peace building and reconciliation and transformation of communities. My focus is a wiser and better human being. I work with Church, civic and community leaders in identifying and addressing leadership, conflict issues and development ideas. I am a focused team player and I have built good teams in all previous places where I have worked before.

I hold a Bachelor of Pastoral studies from Kampala Evangelical School of Theology and served with African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM) for 13 years as team leader overseeing over 80 people/staff and over seven programs. Engaging with different Churches and communities countywide. Also worked as an engineer with Uganda Telecomms Limited for about twenty years. I also Pastored at Gulu Baptist and Lugogo Baptist respectively preaching, teaching and developing other leaders.

Also worked as an engineer with Uganda Telecomms Limited for about twenty years. I also Pastored at Gulu Baptist and Lugogo Baptist respectively preaching, teaching and developing other leaders.

Jessica Okello- Children Director

I am the director of the child headed and orphaned children and this is where my passion is and where I have found fulfilment over the years.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in counseling from Kampala Evangelical School of Theology.

We started the work of Kica Transforms ministry with few children but it has grown, to many children within 4 districts of Uganda. About 100 children have benefitted from the program and those who could not go to schools, could hardly eat a meal in a day, have nowhere to sleep, but they were a burden to society; are now going to school, eating well, helpful to society and being mentored.

I started the similar program like this and it worked out well. I worked with 30 mentors who guided, worked and “parented” about 740 children under ALARM Uganda.

I am a mother but with five biological children, though have more than 50 non- biological children who grew with me, I supported them, now are working, and well developed in to families.

I have served in different capacities as board member of Lugogo Baptist Church, board member of MCC Uganda, a coordinator of Mom in prayer in Uganda. However, at the same time, I am a farmer growing varieties of crops for supporting my families and for sales.

I am a full member of Association of Chartered certified accountants (ACCA), a certificate in Project planning, management, and Non- governmental management from Makerere University and so on

I have experience of more than 15 years in accounts, worked with many organizations, which have similar vision and mission of Leadership development and holistic child development. However, at KTM I have worked for the period of 3 years. I have been in leadership position of Country accountant, Finance manager, and accountant at different companies.

I am a husband with a wife and six children. At the same time, in Church I have been a leader of men and treasurer of Mbuya Pentecostal Church. I am also leading the ministry called the Family for Jesus Christ Ministries international that takes the gospel to Families especially war torn areas since 2015 to date.

FILDER JANE OBOTE– Lead Mentor Kitgum Center

Filder is married with two(2) boys and one(1) grand daughter. She is the lead Mentor is Kitgum Center. She possesses a bachelor degree in Social works and administration from Gulu University. She has a passion for children and has been working with children in Northern Uganda for over 10 years.

Below are some reasons why she investing in the life of children spiritually, physically, materially and economically:-

  1. Spiritually:

For the children to have good moral life in the community and acceptable in the kingdom of God through the knowledge of the truth in the gospel of God.  Prov. 22:6, Mark 10:15

  • Physically:

For the children to have healthy body and sound mind to be focused.  “A healthy body is a healthy mind resulting to a peaceful living.

  • Economically:

For children to contribute to the development of the country economically through paying taxes and others when they are educated and get jobs.

  • For children to be supportive to themselves, their families and the community at large
  • For children to have clear directions and sense for their lives
  • For better future
  • She is a mother and it is my role to take care of children and bring them up in good ways at all cost and at all means
  • She grew up as a child being taken care of by someone and now she has a burden that prompts her to invest her time, finance, knowledge, talent, etc. in children to make them who they can be.

Patrick Ochola– Lead Mentor ,Oyuku Center – Pader

Patrick is married with two(2) children. He is the lead Mentor in Oyuku Center. He possesses a Bachelor in science in Social works and administration from Ndejje University.

Patrick enjoys teaching children since he feels it is a call upon his life. He loves to see children strive, grow to fulfil their God given potential.

George Bush- Lead Mentor, Apuripii Center, Pader

George Bush is married with four(4) children. He is the lead Mentor in Apuripii Center. George used to be a drunkard and feared it was going to break his family. His family feared him whenever he got drunkard because he go very violent. He gave his life to the Lord and stopped drinking.

He now enjoys teaching children and he strives to see that children are safe and are growing to fulfil their God given potential.