Post conflict peace building and conflict resolution remains a serious human challenge in most countries affected by war in which Uganda is inclusive. Uganda continuously receives refugees from the neighboring countries, which include South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, and many other countries.  These refugees come to settle in Uganda but with effect of war still visibly seen in their lives. Northern Uganda in particular, has been receiving refugees from South Sudan and accommodating them in camps.

Trauma healing, Peace building Training

This project is for providing Trauma healing and peace building training to the refugees and the host communities. These refugee settlement camps have many different tribes who are living together in and around. Kica Transforms Ministry trains these people because of the effect of the war they underwent.

These resettlement camps have to tune of about 44, 000 refugees who are still freshly traumatized because of loss of their relatives, properties, bodily injured and effect of insufficient home supplies.  Some of these settlement camps like Adjumani has been a home to refugees for over twenty years now.