Trauma is an emotional wound caused by extremely painful or life threatening events that damage a person socially, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically and preventing him/her from achieving his/her God given potential.”  

The primary question for this session was “HOW DO WE HEAL FROM TRAUMA?”

In trying to help participants answer this question, a review of the previous sessions was done. Learning from David’s story and King Saul in the Bible 1 Samuel Chapter 16-24. David went through serious trauma under Saul but David chose not to revenge despite all opportunities that came by during his service

Trauma and the human brain. Participants were exposed to a very simple illustration of how the human brain operates, the thinking brain (makes plans and decisions,) the feeling brain (center of human emotion fear, joy, anger etc) and the survival brain (controls reactions like fights)

Meaning making: Individuals or groups of traumatized persons construct and assign meaning to what has happened, the narrative can either be positive or negative, pushing them forward or keeping them stuck.

James Ruot Guer states this on forgiveness, “My father was killed before I was born. I debated between joining the Army and Church but chose to join Church. My sister who was married and paid for 30 cows decided to divorce the husband for another man who had only one cow, and the 30 cows were withdrawn from us. I wanted to kill my sister but later forgave her and now 2 of her sons are being taken care of by me. I have also given her one cow.”

Charity Yangi sharing on trust and betrayal says, “In 2012, I got reports that my sister Suzy’s sons are thieves, so I decided to visit them in Khartoum, I discovered the children go out even late at night but my sister defended the children that they are not thieves but one night her son called Duku jumped over the fence late at night and went out. In the morning I confronted the boy on where he was the previous night and he confessed that he is a thief and that he stole two lap tops and smart phone that previous night. His father wanted to shoot him with a pistol but I shared from scriptures and the boy got saved.” Later a Pastor was invited and he prayed, the boy repented, and the mother also forgave him.”

Pastor Mubarak, a leader from Nuba community shared a transforming story from their field work. He says his facilitating team visited a Moslem home that was very difficult to enter. In that home was a child who was said to be demon possessed and the father had cut communication with him. The family had taken him to Imam for prayers of healing but there was no positive result. The team introduced themselves on arrival as community trauma healing team and later told them about Jesus and prayed with the family. The child was reported healed shortly afterwards and he was brought to Church and was baptized. The child’s sister has also now joined Church while the team is still talking to the father slowly.


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