Youth Training in Kitgum 16-19 October 2018

The team of facilitators comprised Kyle and Lucina Thompson, Jordan Thompson, Alana, Laura and Ryan from Watermark Church USA. The Uganda team  Jessica and Nelson Okello of KTM conducted a youths training in Kitgum Northern Uganda.

A total of 100 youth/young adults (70 boys and 30 girls) attended. These are young adults aged 18-35 years, who were born in war, grew up during the war and are now confronted with post conflict issues. The twenty years lord’s resistance war in Northern Uganda 1986-2007 affected the region negatively spiritually, economically, politically, and socially

These young adults grew up in congested internally displaced camps without the traditional training and instructions of a normal family set up. They grew up missing formal family trainings and therefore they are lacking many things in life.

The facilitators handled survey of the Bible books (Jordan,) Healing wounds of the heart (Alana,) Forgiveness (Ryan,) Purity in an impure world (Laura,) Gospel mark Kyle and Lucina.

Jordan simplified the Old and New Testament using signs and symbols. The participants were so excited that they practiced the signs as they walked and as they woke up in the mornings! One morning the facilitators came in the morning and found the whole class practicing the signs of how the whole Bible is arranged.

Alana, shared boldly her past hurts and healing. This bravery helped many participants who have gone through similar hurts share their stories. There was not enough time especially on the last day as almost everyone wanted to tell his/her story.

Laura took to the floor singing about God’s love, and how we lift him higher, even the people in the kitchen nearby danced as she sang and played the guitar, at one time she played, jumped and everyone jumped until event the guitar strap broke but she kept playing exciting the people even the more.

Ryan shared on conflict and forgiveness, he left the people rocking with laughter after he used the illustration using Chinese finger trap. Conflict can be resolved by approaching the person not by running away from the person.

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